It never crossed my mind when I first hear the news early this morning that I would be writing some kind of sentimental note about MJ.

I mean, I know he’s the king and all, he’s a super legend, there was no escaping him when I grew up, but I don’t really feel a strong connection between his music and the music that I play right now, at least not enough for me to write something on his permanent departure. I mean, if BB King or Eric Clapton or John Mayer later dies I’d probably be more upset than this.

But, as the day goes along suddenly it hits me, I remember that night I said to my mom when I was 14,”Mom, I want to learn the electric guitar”, was right after hearing the intro to the song Black and White ( I think I mentioned this on my earlier post on this blog). Then I got the chills, then I’m suddenly kinda sad.

The song that made me want to pick up and play the guitar was not a hit from Clapton, or BB or Van Halen, but it was MJ’s song.

My mom had brought me an acoustic nylon guitar before from work but I never interested in playing it, I couldn’t tune it and I looked uncool. Until that night when we went to a café with live music and the house band were playing that song right in front of my eyes and ears.

So from that day about 17 years ago until now, I have been pretty much inseparable with my guitars. Whenever I was leaving home for few days on a trip with friends or something my mom would always asked,” Are you sure you’re not bringing your guitar?” ☺

So, there you go, goodbye Michael, many thanks for the music.