Yes, 2nd album ‘Forget Your Plans’ is going to be released on CD, but there’s a few work before we’ll get there.

Right now i’m going over the songs again, adding a little this and that in order for listeners to hear something new on each tracks. I’m also working on the order of the songs, in fact, i’m thinking about adding a new song to it!

Its not easy and its taking sometimes, the hardest part is that i have to find my mood back re-working and re-visiting the songs again, i mean, in my head they were done, i’d like to think they are, but it will be nice to hear something different, and new, on the CD release, don’t you think?

After all that they will be the mixing and mastering process again. And then i have to work on the full cover and its packaging.

Well…that’s what’s happening with the 2nd album release so far. As i’m posting this, It’s 3am i’m in the middle of adding some new string section on “Forget Jakarta”, done re-working “Bandaged” yesterday.

*loooonng sigh* There you go folks, that’s what’s happening with the 2nd album CD release.

ps. Anybody have the remote for life? i’d like to stop the time, its going a little too fast.