The CD release of my 2nd album ‘Forget Your Plans’ is finally on progress. The songs are being mix and later mastered by J Vanco (of Lull) at his studio in Kemang.

So what will be on the new CD (compared to the online download version)?

1. Most of the songs contain new string arrangements, it feels more grand, menyayat hati,and galau to the max.

2. 1 new song, ‘Apology’. You can download the demo version of this song, but the final version will only be available on the CD release.

3. The songs are being mixed and mastered at a professional studio by a professional engineer, J Vanco has worked on strong albums from Sore and Efek Rumah Kaca, so expect way better quality than the online download version, which is non-mastered and mixed by an amateur, me.

4. Expect cool illustration art work on the CD cover. My good art director friend Dewiyanti Jusuf from Leo Burnett Jakarta will be working on the cover. See her cool work here.

5. The album will be release by Demajors, so expect good distribution channels from them.

When is it due to release?

Will be looking at around January of February 2011. Price still 25ribu.

So if you like the download version of Forget Your Plans, feel free to support my music by buying the CD later.

Thanks people πŸ™‚