Terharu gue, di Indonesia aja ga ada yg bikinin ginian 🙂


How did all this happen?

Well, when you put your music on the internet (Youtube, MySpace, Soundcloud, free download..etc) you will never know who will listen to it. Some people in Japan who happen own an independent record store contacted me via email, asking whether i have physical CD that they can buy from me, and lucky i did 🙂

So i personally sent 20 pieces to Dessinee Records Store, and then 30 more, and then they asked for 200 pieces. Turns out this record store also own an independent label, and they’re interested in releasing Quiet Down exclusively for the Japanese market. Yes, with the help of my good friends at Demajors (who now i consider family), Quiet Down is now available all over Japan.

We are currently planning a mini promo tour for me to play in Japan soon, fingers cross 🙂