I make my music in the comfort of my bedroom in my apartment. With just an acoustic guitar, vocal, and simple portable equipments, recording is easy, no fuss. Uploading the songs on the internet and share it with people all over the world just requires few computer buttons. Having people inspired, helped, and touched by the music you make, is such a priceless nutrition for the soul.

Last night i got this message on my Youtube from someone in Japan :

“Nice to meet you. I am Chiharu. I want to send you fan mail. Because it is not understood where to send fan mail, it sends it here.

I am Japanese. It listens to your music in the corner of Tokyo.


It knew you on this site two weeks ago. Afterwards, youtube and your site was seen.

Your melody, voice, and rhythm are loved.

Japan is wrapped in sadness due to the tsunami and the earthquake now.
It cries because I also see sad news every day.

But, I relax when listening to your music.

The most favorite music is “Blue Sky Collapse (live). ” of “Live from his bedroom”
I am healed by your rhythm as if mother fondled crying baby’s back gently beating.
It is felt that you are singing on my side.

I became energetic by your music. Thank you really. Terima kasih!!!Arigato!!!

It looks forward to the third album.

Your fan, Chiharu Takakusaki

P.S.The earthquake occurred also in Indonesia. It prays that there is no damage.”