Received this email from @nisaflame the other day 🙂

“Hi Mas Adhit!

I lived in the States last year for a foreign exchange students program. I lived with an American family, went to school there, basically trying to become a regular american teenager. Anyway, since they’re my “family” I dumped all my music to my host family’s computer. Until one day, I heard “After the Rain” playing in my host mom’s car. I was like, “HEY! This is my song! Dyou like it?” She was like, “Wait, YOUR song? I thought this is what Alli (my host sister) gave me a couple days ago. So this guy’s an Indonesian?” Me: “Yup!” Host mom : “Doesnt sound like a foreigner to me. I like it so much. It’s very soothing.”

So, I really suck at cooking, so I cant show off the magnificent insonesian food. I really cant do traditional dances and I can’t sing whatsoever.

I guess this was the only way I spread the coolness of Indonesia.

Just thought you need to know this.

Have a great day and good luck with your upcoming projects!