Hi all.

This is one obligated post that i felt i have to make, haha. Well, its because nothing is happening at the moment, its always like this at the beginning of the year.

This year i’m going to push myself to release my 3rd bedroom album, yes, i’m still doing everything from the comfort of my bedroom like i did for the previous two albums.

The very first work is to record the basic guitar tracks of the new songs. Whenever i think i have a full idea of how the whole song would go, i’ll record the guitar part first. I will do this until i’ve reach a certain amount of songs needed to make a full album. (As i wrote this post, i’ve recorded 3 basic guitar tracks for 3 new songs, still working out 2 more to be recorded soon).

After all the basic guitar tracks are recorded, comes the most super daunting task; come out with lyrics! yikes! I don’t know, lyrics matters to me, they’re the soul of the song. They’re the stories that you need to tell, the songs are ‘just’ the vehicles to transport the stories. The thing is, i don’t have the words at the beginning of everything, they come to me as i work on the songs. So i wait for the words to come to join the songs. This can take a while.

After all these, things will get fun and easier.

There you go folks. Cheers from me.