“What is your songwriting inspiration?”

I guess if you’re a singer-songwriter, people are going to ask you this one question quiet often; “What is your inspiration to write songs?”, or what’s the inspiration behind a certain song.

The usual answer would be,”Oh i write from life stories, from the things happening around me, life is my song-writing inspiration, bla bla bla…”

Yes i wrote songs inspired by certain events that happened to me or around me, stuff that i felt strong about. But what most people probably don’t know is that i have written songs based on no inspirations at all.

I consider song-writing as a job, i just have to produce songs, and if each song has to be written inspired by something, or if i have to wait for something happen for me to be able to write songs, i might not have that many songs produced in the end.

So what i do quiet often is i sit down with my guitar, forcing a song to happen; come out with interesting guitar chords or intros and just forced words in to it, just make up stories in your head and write those damn songs.

And it worked, it’ll usually take longer but it worked. So these are my songs that i wrote based on no specific inspirations, songs that i forced to happen in my head : (from Quiet Down album) WYL, Invisible, (from Forget Your Plans album) Apology, Secret, Gaze, Carnival, Dark Side, In To The Light, (from How To Stop Time album) Mother, Sudden Wonderland, Rainbows & Starlight, Secrets of the World, Promises, Words & Stories.

So next time if you’d ask me what is my inspiration to write a certain song, i might just answer,”…nothing”. :)



  1. Salam kenal Mas Adhitia :) suka sekali sama post nya, setuju banget gak harus selalu nunggu ide dan inspirasi. anyway, i really love your songs, selalu dapet feelnya dan lagu2 Mas selalu jadi teman setia sayaa. Sukses terus Mas Adhit!

  2. Wow. Surprisingly mind-blowing answers. Just thought you wouldn’t answer like that. The image of you being a romantic person in my head just flew away. Thanks, though

  3. you inspire me so much mas Adhit. i made a video based on your song entitled “After the rain”. I don’t really know what is the correlation between my video and your song, but listening to this song makes me want to make a video, a project of happiness. hope you’ll be kindly enough to watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzX8qZ4Tj6U

    this video is about my latest journey of backpacking, when i travel with a junior that i didn’t know well. but after spending a lot of time together (sitting on the train, having chit chat, crossing the sea, and so on together) we’re getting closer and closer. and now I’ve graduated and it’s getting harder just to meet him. and when i finally can meet him (after 3 months separated) face to face, it seems like he has forgotten about us, about our journey, about the time,the happiness we spent together..
    so it makes me want to make this kind of video, to slap his on his face and say that our journey is real, our friendship is real, and our happiness is not fake. we’re not faking it., and somehow After the rain seems to fit really good in this video. thx mas Adhit!

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