Adhitia Sofyan at the 6th Annual Kampoeng Jazz Bandung, a gig review by

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“It was still early, but the big names has started to sail. Started with Adhitia Sofyan. This guy reminds us of Kings of Convenience’s Erlend Øye, with simpler lyrics and melody, but still haunting. It’s like KOC being married with The Beatles and has Adhitia Sofyan as the son. Simple lyrics, beautiful melodies, catchy guitar riffs, and manly but soft voice, Adhitia Sofyan has every ingredients to cook himself to be a singer-songwriter. His session at Kampoeng Jazz was rather intimate and romantic, it felt like we are watching a shy guy playing guitar at his room. At Kampoeng Jazz, he sang and played 8 songs including “Rainbow and Starlight”, “Memilihmu”, “Tokyo Lights Fade Away”, “The Stalker”, “Forget Your Plans” and his biggest hit “Adelaide Sky”. Captivating lyrics and hauntingly beautiful songs, Adhitia Sofyan is a polished elfine gem from the suburbs of love and heartstrings.”