Here i will explain each songs on the latest album “Silver Painted Radiance”. I put time marker on each song, try to listen to the songs while reading its description. I also wrote a post where i explained about this album in general here.

About “Find Who You Are” minute 0:00

This song is about self-encouragement. You want to become something that you’ve been dreaming of, but there’s lots of baggage holding you back; fear, not knowing, self-doubt, dark past, etc. But these baggage can’t drag you back no matter what, because even though you are afraid or unsure, you know who you truly are. So the mantra in this song is the question “Who you are if you can’t fail?” – if you can’t fail, if failure does not exist in this world, who would you be, what would you want to achieve? now be that person.

About “Our Constellation” minute 4:17

The moment you’ve figure everything out. When things finally make sense, destiny is written on the stars and you move forward.

About “Loneliest Days” minute 8:16

There were days when everything you’ve hoped for is taken away from you, and you feel very very alone. There were moments when you’re so close to having what you’ve been dreaming of, you can almost taste it, but again someone else robbed it from you. But despite all this, instead of breaking down, you keep trying, and you keep believing, that one day, it will all be yours.

About “Agony of Defeat” minute 12:44

This song is about being defeated over and over and over again. Until you see defeat as your close friend, a good friend indeed, you’re only companion. No, there’s no sweet ending on this song, so suck it up.

About “Rocket Ship” minute 16:45

You have special someone  that is far far away, yes? you haven’t seen them in ages but yet you think about them all the time. Things are not going well for you and you want to build a rocket ship and ask them to runaway with you, far away, out of this world.

About “Home Away From Home” minute 21:23

This songs is a what i feel about being on stage performing. Stage feels like my second home for me, my home away from home. But this song is also about missing that special one when you’re traveling far. “Here i am far from home, but deep inside i’m calling out your name, can you hear it? have you heard your name called?”

About “Places” minute 26:58

First time in my life i sing without my guitar. This song’s about the places that you’d like to go and visit, or, achievements you’d want to grab. These places are reminder to believe in yourself, these places are worth trying, so go out and get them.

About “Silver Painted Radiance” minute 30:38

A relationship that is on the verge of falling apart. But you truly truly believe that it can still be fixed, that it all be worth saving.

About “Starting This Feeling” minute 37:07

Leave everything behind, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to have things not working out. But you can always get up, get up and try again, start everything again.

About “World Will End” minute 41:50

A song about the end of the world and spending the final hours with love ones.