Carnival - studio version cover

As i’m beginning to record the second bedroom recordings, one of the early stage is to do a studio test run for each song.

A studio test run, which on my term, means listening to the song for the first time on the studio with all the recording equipments turned on, and do a test recording. At this stage i need to determine what guitar do i want to use; dreadnought, OM or classical nylon, and in what key would i’ll be playing the song on, setting up preliminary mic positions, making sure my connections are good to go for the real recording session and so on.

Well, last night i did a test run / test recording on a song called Carnival, which will be the first track on the second album just to hear how it sounds.

And you all can download the test recording here.

Cheers people.

Music and Lyric by Adhitia Sofyan

I do remember your name
We met at the carnival
You said till we meet again
I guess here we are now

And I don’t even see
Why we can’t stay a while

No we should not be afraid
Of going through the silly things
It might just uncover a path
To a similarity

No I don’t even see
Why we can’t stay this time

Till grass on the hills getting longer
They’re waving at us to be seen
That face on the moon’s getting brighter
But he’s going down anytime
Nobody knows what’s tomorrow
It might brings us to our last

Do you remember the time
When there were the simple things
Where I just looked in to your eyes
Then we’ll be connected

Still I don’t even see
Why we can’t stay this time

So let me remember the shape of the evening
Cause when the day’s over who knows when I’ll see you again

I do remember your name
We stay at the carnival this time