1. Started to work in advertising since late November 2000, creative team, still do now, started own creative company, Virtuco in 2005, up until now. Always plays guitar as hobby.

2. Started to write and record acoustic music in his bedroom late 2007.

3. Sent his home-recordings to Prambors radio Jakarta in 2008, “Adelaide Sky” and “Memilihmu” went to no. 1 on their Nubuzz Indie Chart, which began his music journey.

4. 3 albums so far, “Quiet Down” (2009), “Forget Your Plans” (2010), “How To Stop Time” (2013)

5. All albums are sold in Japan, did a Japan solo-tour on 2011. (time of his life)

6. Has performed 3 times at Singapore’s Esplanade Theater.

7. Demajors is his (distribution) label, REI (owned by Endah n Rhesa) is his artist management.

8. “Adelaide Sky” is on Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape volume 41.

9. Plays Cole Clark acoustic guitar on stage.

10. Does not read music and does not understand his own chords, plays by ear, memory and guessing around. (jangan ditiru, tidak baik).

11. Musical heroes / influence, just to name a few : Tallest Man On Earth, Iron and Wine, The Staves, City and Colour, Fionn Regan, Lucy Rose, Glenn Hansard, Nick Drake.

12. Reads novel, big fan of Haruki Murakami.

13. Speaks fluent Javanese.

14. Born November 6, 1977, in Bandung.

15. Almost performed at Fringe Festival in Edinburgh – Scotland for a whole month in 2015, never happened because government canceled funding, biggest musical heartache.

16. Dreams to travel the world to play music in front of people, don’t need to be fancy, small coffee shops will do

17. Sleeps late.

18. ..will add later…questions?